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About us

By 2050, it's expected that the world's population will reach 9.2 billion people, increase of 34% than today's population. To keep up with rising populations and income growth, global food production must increase by 70 percent in order to be able to feed the world. This throws up a huge challenge and also opens up doors to a huge opportunity. Agriculture as it is being done is about to change and all set to take the next leap with the use of Mechanization, precision tools, data and micro forecast driven and based on scientific methods to both enhance quality and quantity. With the growing demand and looking at the huge potential the Agriculture sector is seeing Mudunuru Limited has set its Vision to dwell deep into these segments and leverage its unique expertise to build strong value based business in the following key segments:

D - Dairy
R - Retail
E - Enterprise
A - Agriculture
M - Manufacturing
S - Software
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